Sno*Drift 2017 Back into the woods.

So here we are again.  Kicking off everything rally with the first race of the season.  My happy place.  This will be the 8th year going to Atlanta, Mi to see racers ripping through the woods.  Braving the cold weather, ice and snow.  It's a courageous thing to do.  This year brought everything from rain to heavy blinding snow.  Ready to shoot the race I talked to the officials and they seemed to be underhanded this year so I opted to marshall some stages because why not.  I could still have cameras allowing me to snag some shots.  I was lucky enough this year to head up some stages at points that were not official spectator areas.  These spots made for great vantage points.  Yes there were people there but substantially less crowded than your average spectator stage.  So this year the rally was extremely different.  There were none of the big names that you would normally find at this race.  No Pastrana.  No Higgins.  No Block.  It made for a true Grassroots event.  Different yes.  But in my eyes it was better.  Back to basics.  Back to the pureness of the sport.  

Press on Regardless.


 ©2017 RobSackyta

Louise "Ouizi" Chen. Artist.

I have driven by it a lot of times.  If you reside in Grand Rapids, chances are you have too.  It's the Grand Rapids Ballet.  But this year it's getting an overhaul.  With a crazy beautiful piece of wall art that brings so much vibrancy to what was a baron, normal, boring cluster of walls that face Wealthy St.

In the back of my mind, I was wondering who in the world could create something so large and full of life.  Driving by, I saw a person way back, spraying high up on a ladder.  It was a tiny person.  Just a person who happens to be small in stature with huge ideas.  So I had to go check it out.  Enter Louise Chen.  Native of Los Angeles, CA but now resides in Detroit.  She is a muralist and a super bad ass one at that!  Normally, I don't walk up to people and ask if I can photograph them, it sends off the creepy I have some candy for you little girl/boy vibe.  Thats NOT me.  But there are exceptions.  I hit up Louise (Ouizi) through Instagram telling her I sent her a message on The Facebook and wanted to photograph her.  Yes, so much stalking going on.  She was all about it and I was very glad when she accepted.  Here are the pictures to prove it.  Check out her work on her website and stop by the Ballet at see this huge piece of greatness in all of its Glory.  It's awesome!     


Scouting for mountain biking shots.

It's Sunday morning.  6 am to be exact.  If I get up now I can beat all of the Sunday traffic and get a lap or two in.  BE realistic you will only do one lap.  You haven't been on a trail but only once this year.  OK outta bed, you're not going back to sleep anyway.  It's going to be 85 degrees out today, GET UP!  Only one cup of coffee and I'm out the door.  


Ok sweet here before anyone else is.  Trails are mine.  They are all in bed still.  It's good to get up and enjoy a ride alone.  No sirens, no traffic.  Silence.  This will be a great place to shoot.  Indeed.