Louise "Ouizi" Chen. Artist.

I have driven by it a lot of times.  If you reside in Grand Rapids, chances are you have too.  It's the Grand Rapids Ballet.  But this year it's getting an overhaul.  With a crazy beautiful piece of wall art that brings so much vibrancy to what was a baron, normal, boring cluster of walls that face Wealthy St.

In the back of my mind, I was wondering who in the world could create something so large and full of life.  Driving by, I saw a person way back, spraying high up on a ladder.  It was a tiny person.  Just a person who happens to be small in stature with huge ideas.  So I had to go check it out.  Enter Louise Chen.  Native of Los Angeles, CA but now resides in Detroit.  She is a muralist and a super bad ass one at that!  Normally, I don't walk up to people and ask if I can photograph them, it sends off the creepy I have some candy for you little girl/boy vibe.  Thats NOT me.  But there are exceptions.  I hit up Louise (Ouizi) through Instagram telling her I sent her a message on The Facebook and wanted to photograph her.  Yes, so much stalking going on.  She was all about it and I was very glad when she accepted.  Here are the pictures to prove it.  Check out her work on her website and stop by the Ballet at see this huge piece of greatness in all of its Glory.  It's awesome!  http://www.louisechen.com/