Sno*Drift 2017 Back into the woods.

So here we are again.  Kicking off everything rally with the first race of the season.  My happy place.  This will be the 8th year going to Atlanta, Mi to see racers ripping through the woods.  Braving the cold weather, ice and snow.  It's a courageous thing to do.  This year brought everything from rain to heavy blinding snow.  Ready to shoot the race I talked to the officials and they seemed to be underhanded this year so I opted to marshall some stages because why not.  I could still have cameras allowing me to snag some shots.  I was lucky enough this year to head up some stages at points that were not official spectator areas.  These spots made for great vantage points.  Yes there were people there but substantially less crowded than your average spectator stage.  So this year the rally was extremely different.  There were none of the big names that you would normally find at this race.  No Pastrana.  No Higgins.  No Block.  It made for a true Grassroots event.  Different yes.  But in my eyes it was better.  Back to basics.  Back to the pureness of the sport.  

Press on Regardless.


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