About Me.  (Just for the record I hate talking about myself, it's just the way I am.)

I am a advertising and portrait photographer based out of Grand Rapids Michigan, but travel around the globe.  I love to travel.  Get off the beaten path.  The Backroads.  It's all about the road less traveled to me.  Thats where I am convinced you can find yourself.  

I was born in Detroit Mi, The Motor City.  I grew up fascinated with the camera.  How it worked.  What it did.  What you could do with it.  It's such an amazing and powerful device.  But at the end of the day it's just a box that captures light, with a little time and space added in.  It's up to us how to tell the story with it.  

I am passionate about my family (Jess,Zeke and Gizmo), life, snowboarding, and rally racing.   

I am a jeans and t shirt guy.  

I do things myself, but I also find value in a great team!